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I'm a mexican illustrator.
I like to illustrate the ideas that come to mind.



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Posted by Letze - 1 month ago

Walking on the street of a stressful and seductive city, it is rarely possible to reflect and try to find answers to the various questions that daily plague our existence. However, between the morning hangover and the stupor of having spent the night immersed in feminine charms, it is possible to take a moment to philosophize about life.

Then questions arise such as: what is the meaning of life? What color is God's skin? What follows after death? Has the lamb eaten the flower? Originality is dead? Have we lied since the wolf ate the shepherd?

And then I find myself here slowly dying since I was born, but searching for answers to questions.

Like every human being.



Posted by Letze - March 30th, 2020


You find quickly,

lucid moments;

lost in consecrating

something that is no longer real.

A sign, a testimony

of some mortal around the whole,

way to safety

of getting to tell us the truth.


Posted by Letze - March 28th, 2020

Some people praise traditional art and belittle digital art, because it is made with the help of computer programs; which seems ironic to me because we live in an increasingly digital world.

    But the reality is that both traditional art and digital art, they have their advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, the quality of the work does not depend entirely on the tools used, but on the person's abilities.

    Although social media is the place where this trivial topic is frequently raised; it is also in these spaces that a greater exposure of artistic skills is achieved. Considering that, despite being useful creative spaces, its original purpose is not to house art; which is why there are subtle limitations.

    However, these restrictions sometimes incite the search for that which is impeded; remembering the existence of spaces destined to expose certain types of creative works.

    Finally, I will add that in Newgrounds digital work tends to have a greater impact and therefore greater exposure. Being the traditional work relegated, but quite accepted.


Posted by Letze - December 24th, 2019

>> Wishlist <<

Let's see if a miracle happens.


Posted by Letze - October 29th, 2019

I have noticed that a large part of "Browse Art: Popular" is NSFW content, A or M rating.

Of this a considerable part is fanart. Art that satisfies libido, by showing us characters in other situations.

However I have not found so much fanart of adult content; as is the hentai.

This makes me think a couple of reasons why there is no fanart about hentai, which are:

  • The artist or creator in question does not want to be exposed. Regardless of the type of content it make; it don't want to reveal the hentai content it consume.
  • The hentai is already a product whose content satisfies the public. At least at the visual level it satisfies a mayority, because at the narrative level it does not please everyone.

A viable option (and seemingly under-exploited) is to make SFW fanart from hentai. A true visual irony.

I know it's not a great reflection, but I wanted to capture it.